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Planning a party and need great food?  Let us help!  We offer a variety of delicious items to choose from and will help you create an unforgettable menu to complement your private event.   We specialize in serving parties from 20 to 300 guests. We have sample menus to choose from or we can work with you to create a custom menu specific to your event and guests’ needs.  Please contact us for menu selections, pricing, and availability.  or 425-827-2188

Looking for more than just Catering?  We can help with that too!  Our Staff Event planner has many years experience planning private parties and corporate functions.  She will work with you to ensure your event is memorable for your guests and make your job hosting a breeze.  We have lots of contacts for rentals, dessert trucks, coffee trucks, etc. and we’re happy to assist you with every need. 

Please contact  or 425-827-2188 for further details and pricing.

Service Options:
We can bring the truck out to almost any location.  If you prefer for your guests to get the full food truck experience, we are happy to serve your guests in walk-up fashion.  If you prefer more formal service for your guests we can set up a buffet line or provide a service staff to take orders and serve guests at tables.  Additional costs for a buffet line or service staff options will be determined based on number of guests.

We are currently permitted to operate within King County, if additional permitting is required for a different county or city we request that you cover the cost.  The cost for health permit and fire permit can be included in your catering invoice. Travel Charges may be applied for locations greater than 20 miles outside of Seattle City Limits

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Catering

  • Truck Service

    Our minimum to bring the truck out to location for an event is $1,800.00 for Seattle City Limits and $2,000.00 for surrounding areas.  Our truck service pricing includes 1 ½  hours of service time with a team of 3.  We average service of 125 guests per hour through a walk up line at the truck so we are quite efficient.  A buffet line in addition to the truck is an extra $100.00.

    For Truck Service, We do require level parking that is on private property, i.e. not on the public street as that requires additional permitting.  If parking and permitting is required for public street or public park we ask that you obtain and pay for said permit.

  • Buffet Service

    We can also set up a buffet line if you prefer for guests to self-serve through a buffet in lieu of walking up to the truck.  This option is best for guest counts greater than 125.  We set a double sided buffet and can serve an average of 275 guests through the line in an hour.  Our minimum to set a buffet line with tended service (staff there to keep items filled and tidy as guests self-serve) is $1,500. 00 for Seattle City Limits and $1,800.00 for surrounding areas.  Tended Buffet Service includes 1 ½ hours of service time with a team of 2-3.

    We can provide drop off buffet service with either chafing dishes and sternos or all disposable catering dishes.  Drop offs with chafing dishes and sternos for hot food are a minimum of $800.00 for Seattle City Limits and $1,200.00 for surrounding areas.  Drop offs with all disposables are a minimum of $400.00 for Seattle City Limits and $600.00 for surrounding areas.

    We also offer a pick-up option which allows you to order ahead and pick up your catering order at our restaurant location.  Please contact Drea for more information or 425-827-2188